Foothills No. 31 - CO₂ Eq. Emissions

Foothills No. 31 had 124,833 tonnes of CO₂ eq. emissions from producers emitting over 50 kt in 2017, greatly increasing 33.4% from 93,576 tonnes in 2016. The N²O equivalent segment had the largest decline over last year, decreasing -3.76% to 1,319 tonnes.

Definition: Amount of CO₂ equivalent emissions from facilities emitting over 10kt, as required by Canada's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP). CO₂ equivalent is a term for describing different green house gases (like methane, nitrous oxide, HFCs, etc.) in a common unit. The CO₂ equivalent would signify the amount of CO₂ required to have a equivalent greenhouse effect.

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CO₂ Eq. Emissions (Tonnes)

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